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Published by Southern Living on July 6, 2021

For the Millers, flipping a house is more than saving an old building. Restoring a historic home means ensuring that it lives on to see more families creating memories in the Millers' hometown of Concord, North Carolina.

Published by Southern Living on June 15, 2021

For most of us, fancy linens come out for the holidays and are then stowed away until the next year. Like clockwork, my grandmother pulls out her best linens for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and by the time family has arrived, the tables stretching from our farmhouse's front room to the dining room looks like a line of soldiers ready for their daily inspection. "I know it's just family coming over, but we want to look sharp," she says to me with a smirk, before returning to her overflowing to-do list for the holiday morning.

Published by The Collegian on January 16, 2020 

Sarah Hipwell, a junior on the University of Richmond’s women’s cross-country and track teams, was feeling a familiar ache in her leg during practice once again. A visit to the sports medicine office in the Weinstein Center confirmed her fear: another femoral stress fracture.


Photo Courtesy  Woose + Willie Photography

Published on Go Dash Dot's blog on July 26, 2020 

This week we caught up with Taylor Rae Almonte (@taylorraealmonte). Not only is Taylor a great friend to many on the GDD staff, but more recently, she has stepped into the role of an activist since the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement. Be sure to watch the video above for our full conversation with her on her work within the movement and tips she offered for assessing small businesses during this time.

Published on Go Dash Dot's blog on August 8, 2020 

We’re continuing to learn and grow as a brand through our conversations with long-time friends of our team. Most recently, we caught up with Rise Powell (@risepowell) who spoke with us about her involvement in the BLM movement and her thoughts on how to address and avoid tokenism in brands.


Photo Courtesy  Go Dash Dot

Published by UR Capital News Service on February 3, 2021 

The Senate voted 21-17 Wednesday to end the death penalty in Virginia.


Sen. Scott Surovell, D-Mount Vernon, was the patron of the bill, SB 1165, with Sen. Jennifer Boysko, D-Herndon, who both spoke in favor of the bill this afternoon.

Published by here. weekly on January 3, 2019

To start the year, we’ve got our minds on all things balance. Below are three resources to support your goals for the mind, body and soul.

Speaking of fresh starts, we will be taking a hiatus for the month of January to set our own intentions. Don’t worry though; this issue and our archives are brimming with adventures to get you going in the New Year.


Photo Courtesy Kate Magee Photography

Published by The Collegian on February 20, 2019 

Activist Bree Newsome gave a lecture addressing racism in America as part of a speaker series sponsored by the University of Richmond Chaplaincy on Tuesday night in the Alice Haynes Room.

Newsome is most recognized for her act of non-violence when she climbed the flagpole in front of the South Carolina Capitol and lowered the Confederate battle flag in response to the 2015 mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Published by UR Capital News Service on February 17, 2021 

The House and Senate will soon vote on concurrent bills establishing a Virginia Food Assistance Fund program to help farmers and food banks.

Site photo .jpg

Photo Courtesy UR Capital News Service Site

Published by The Collegian on January 16, 2019 

What’s trending on campuses across the nation? Thrift shopping. Balling on a budget is hard in college, but this list of Richmond shops may be your ticket for that next social outfit. Check out the store that works for you and grab some friends for some ultimate Macklemore-style thrift shopping. 

Published by The Collegian on February 18, 2020 

More than 180 photographs capturing facets of African American life in New York during the 1960s and '70s are on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in the exhibit “Working Together: Louis Draper and the Kamoinge Workshop.”


Published by here. weekly on November 8, 2018 

Last week, we were in denial that it's already November, and now we're ready to be present and enjoy the start of the holidays. We're sharing a couple of fun happenings that will get your gift gears turning, as well as a sweet tip to start your Thanksgiving planning.

Get out there!

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